1. Reception & Nurse Assessment

1 Reception


Upon arriving to the Hospital, you will meet our Reception staff, who will ask you to complete your paperwork and confirm your personal details for your admission.


Once completed, you will be asked to take a seat & wait for a Nurse to take you through to the Pre-Procedure area.

A review of your medical history will be conducted by the Nurse.


2. Pre-Anaesthetic Consult with Anaesthetist & Doctor

2 Pre An


Your anaesthetist will speak with you prior to your procedure to discuss any relevant medical history & discuss your sedation. You will be able to ask any questions at this time.


Your Doctor will discuss your upcoming procedure, treatment and answer any questions before obtaining your consent to proceed at this time.


3. Your Procedure

3 Procedure

You will be escorted into the Procedure Room where the Nurse will ask you, your name, date of birth and the procedure you are having performed.


The Anaesthetist will give you sedation that will make you sleepy and your procedure may take between 10-30 minutes. During your procedure, the Anaesthetist will monitor your vital signs (blood pressure, pulse & Oxygen Saturation) and manage your sedation.


4. Recovery

After your procedure, you will remain in bed in Recovery for approximately 30 minutes. You may not remember much about this part of your care.

Here the recovery nurse will monitor your blood pressure, pulse and oxygen levels and make sure you are comfortable. Once you are awake enough, you will be transferred to a seated recovery area.

You will be given a hot or cold beverage, as well as a light sandwich and biscuits. The Recovery Nurse will ensure you are feeling well enough to go home, before removing the cannula in your arm/hand.


5. Discharge

5 DischargeOur receptionist will take you through to the Discharge Room, where you will be given a Doctor’s Report for your GP, Discharge & Medication Information, any literature and a DVD of your procedure.

At this time, you will be asked you finalise your Hospital Account, and sign any Private or Medicare Claim Forms. Your armband will be removed, and the site of your cannula checked before you leave.

Once your carer has arrived to take you home, the receptionist will escort you to the waiting room and discharge you into their care.



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