For my procedure, how long will I be at the hospital?


Please allow 2-3 ½ hours from the time you arrive to the hospital . Procedure times can vary from patient to patient.

Can I drive myself home?


As you are having a twilight anaesthetic, you are under the effects of this sedation for 12 hours post procedure. This means you cannot drive a car, work or perform your usual duties during this time. It is advisable to keep the entire day free to recover at home. It is also important that your carer remains with you for 12 hours post procedure.


Can I go to work before and/or after my procedure, if I’m feeling OK?


Patients are advised to keep the entire day of the procedure free. This allows for any changes that may occur with requested arrival times.  For Colonoscopy patients you will need the afternoon prior, and morning of the procedure to follow the bowel preparation.  You will not be able to work during this time.

Post procedure, you can not work for 12 hours due to the effects of the anaesthetic.

Can I get a medical certificate for taking time off work for this procedure?


Yes, the admitting staff will ask if yourself or your carer require a medical certificate for the day of your procedure. This will be given to you at time of discharge from the hospital. For Colonoscopy patients, the day prior to your procedure is commonly required off work due to the preparation. Please ask staff upon arrival.


How soon will I get my results following my procedure?


A copy of your procedure report will be given to you at time of your discharge from the hospital. An electronic or mailed copy will also be forwarded to your referring doctor. If you have biopsies and/or polyps removed during your procedure, these results can take up to 5 days to return to your referring doctor.