A Little About Us


Southside Endoscopy Centre provides Gastrointestinal diagnostic procedures, Colonoscopy & Upper GI Endoscopy, in addition to consulting rooms for our Doctors.


We have three Gastroenterologists working at our Centre, Dr Michael Miros , Director of Southside Endoscopy Centre, Dr Hugh Spalding and Dr Shahram Safa.


Our staff members are dedicated to providing patients with the best possible care throughout the day surgery admission.


Should you have any queries about your upcoming procedure, please contact our Rooms for further information.


Our Hospital was first established in Loganholme, Brisbane in December 1995 and was first accredited by the Australian Council of Health Care Standards in 1998. The Centre has received two outstanding achievements by the Australian Council of Health Care Standards in 2006 for its leadership in clinical techniques used by our Gastroenterologist, Dr Michael Miros.


In recognition of our commitment to excellence in patient care and an exceptional standard of service, Southside Endoscopy Centre is accredited by the Australian Council of Health Care (ACHS).


Things You May Not Know About Us

  • We have been committed to providing our services to Brisbane’s Southside for more than 20 years, with December 2015 marking Southside Endoscopy Centre’s 20th Anniversary in practice.

  • Our doctors have pioneered adenoma detection techniques for flat polyps.

  • We routinely use carbon dioxide and water for colonoscopies which markedly reduce any discomfort after the procedure.

  • You may find the bowel preparation pre-colonoscopy arduous, however we continually look at ways to make the prep as pleasant as possible for our patients. Please be assured we are constantly striving to obtain the best views during the procedure, reducing the chance of missing flat lesions.

  • We are proud to say that we have loyal and committed staff, with many having worked at our Hospital for 15-20 years.



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